Body Beauty, the Most Effective Slimming Coffee I've Ever Tried

I just want to share with you my secret in losing weight in preparation for the summer season. I am not saying that I am now as sexy as Jennifer Lopez or Kate Middleton (Yes, I find her oozing with sex appeal), but I can be too proud to say that in two months, I lost 9 pounds already. What's my secret? It's the Body Beauty Slimming Coffee.
Body Beauty Slimming Coffee
Some of you might say 9 pounds for two months is not good enough. I might also agree. You know, I have slow metabolism and the fact that within this 60-day period, I was too lazy to do some exercise and other physical activities. I also had issues on eating beyond my limitations, as invites to food blog events kept on coming. However, I still cared to skip rice, under the strict supervision of Mom and my boyfriend.

A box of Body Beauty contains 18 sachets. I consume 1 sachet (8g) in the morning when I wake up or 15 minutes before breakfast. Its main ingredients are Brazil wild small black grain coffee, garcinia cambogia (HCA), immature bitter orange, lotus leaf, wild rose essence, blue water chitin, and vitamin C, B3 and B6. Remember this: you are allowed to take this only once per day, or else, you might experience dizziness, palpitations, dry mouth, seizures, or worse.

It functions to expedite fat-burning and prevent fat synthesis, the best way to fight simple/adolescence/postpartum obesity. It also claims to whiten, soften, and firm the skin--something to look forward to, because I am morena (brown-skinned) since birth. I don't prioritize having a lighter skin as I super love my natural tan. What I want to achieve is the 125-lbs. weight I used to enjoy during my senior year in college.

Watch out for my Before-and-After photos, which I am going to post soon.


Anonymous,  8:00 PM  

I just bought 2 boxes today... i will start drinking tomorrow... I'm hoping it will work perfectly.. :)

Anonymous,  4:20 PM  

hi, can you advice where to buy an authentic one..thanks

Anonymous,  10:18 AM  

doesn't taste good, right?

Karlee Isaiah 9:59 AM  

it's my first time trying it out now.. ^___^ haha.. i love the fact that you said that you love your natural tan.. you're a proud filipina, that's nice.. hehe. Wala lang, gusto ko lang sabihin.. Pinays need to be aware of this. We should be proud of our pretty caramel skin <3

Anonymous,  8:51 PM  

is it advisable to take it before bedtime?

Anonymous,  4:10 PM  

hello i just started drink this coffee in just 8 days i`m so shuck when i saw my new weight from 85kilos to 80kilos in just 8 days..
i eat a lot of food no exercise
all i can say its true and now i have 4 boxes hehehe

Anonymous,  10:57 PM  

wow! really! i want to lose weight na din.. my sister friend din, naglose weght dahil dito.. tas 2 days tinry ng sis ko, lumiit na daw tyan nia..

atlast, nakahanap na din ako. may seal sya na original. isa na color silver, yung isa green. original kaya ito talaga?

Jayine,  3:01 PM  

Hello guys, I started drinking this just this morning. Hindi ko alam kung natural un. Parang nasusuka ako at nahihilo. Natural lang po ba yun? First time kasi ng body ko.

The taste? Not so good. Pero gagawin ko para pumayat ako.

*Nawala appetite ko. Maraming food dito sa house pero di ako kumakain. Yehey.

BTW, here's my TinnDahan Online Shop. I sell Original Body Beauty.

Nicely 3:15 PM  

@Karlee Isaiah: Thanks for your comment!

@Jayine: Nasusuka? I didn't experience that when I was drinking Body Beauty. Nahihilo? Hindi ko din naexperience yan, pero kasama yan sa mga nababasa kong effect in some blogs, along with palpitations. Just drink a lot of water, girl. Pag sa tingin mo, di maganda ang side effects sa iyo, stop mo na lang ang intake.

Jayine,  3:22 PM  

Hi. Thanks sis. I'm not sure so sure about that. Pero ngayon, it's okay na. But the taste uhh can't resist. pikit mata na lang. HAHA

Sis. The next time na mag order ka, saking na lang ha? hihihi

Gusto kong makita result sakin. Thank you! :D

Anonymous,  7:10 AM  

san ba makakabili ng body beauty slimming coffee? cguradong authentic...

Nicely 7:16 AM  

@Anonymous: Sa Binondo/Ongpin, maraming Chinese stores selling various slimming products. I think naman, it's authentic. Dun ako bumibili eh.

Anonymous,  8:44 PM  

hi gud eve. magkanu per box s coffee? just message me at my # 09122451344. tanx. im from ilocos norte kasi.gus2 ko kcng bumili kaso ang layo nman. walang mabili n ganyan d2. tanx

Nicely 8:38 AM  

@Anonymous: Text message sent!

Anonymous,  11:19 PM  

Nabibili po ba ito sa grocery? Thanks!

Nicely 7:41 AM  

I'm afraid no.

Anonymous,  7:51 PM  

Is this BFAD approved?

Anonymous,  9:15 PM  

Meron din sa groceries sis. Bfad approved. :)

Anonymous,  6:59 AM  

I just started using this coffee for like 6days na... Seems naman na nagwowork~ talagang nawala Which i.basically.stuff my mouth maya maya.. I am located sa US walang mabilhan dito... pwede kaya isend dito?!

Anonymous,  3:14 AM  

So i've been taking this for two weeks now and i lost 6 pounds so far. the amazing thing about this is that it takes away the constant nagging feeling that you're not satisfied after eating and it controls cravings. i love it!!

Anonymous,  1:12 PM  

i got mine in Gold that has purple prints on the sachets... i have to buy the coffee through a friend back home in pinas... Then have to send it here sa america.. she charged me$25/box guess like over 2,000 in peso! ... And i ordered 3boxes pa lang and planning to order some more before my second box is consumed..I really don't mind at all if i am paying more coz this coffee is working for me ... i have lost 15pounds in 4weeks and have lost 3 dress sizes... so whatever it takes i am willing to pay for it for as long as may authentic seal...

sung eon,  5:37 PM  

hello, i live in cebu...saan bah makakabili nyan d2...naubos nah kc xakin..plllssss help or text me 09204315784 thankxxx

Anonymous,  9:09 AM  

Body Beauty 5 Day Slimming Coffee does work in supressing you appitide and cravings. I lost about 15 pounds in three weeks with this product. However, make sure you do your research before using this product. Make sure you consult with your doctor before using this product. A lot of coworker are using this product at my work and are finding great results. However, a coworker and I had some side effects because we both were on precription medications. We both experienced not being able to think, remember, zombie like mental effect. When we both stopped the product, our head cleared up again with the ability to think at a normal level. So please check with your doctor before you decide to use this product, especially if you are on any precription drugs. Thanks.

Anonymous,  12:07 AM  

all i can say is this product is amazing!!..magic to for me..bilis ko nag lose..from 151 to 138 in 3 weeks time!!..hesitant at first ako, sabi ko ala pa product naimbento for me sa katakana ko..but when i tried this one kala ko nga ala effect cuz i still eat whatever i want, but the scales don't lie!! :)..can anyone email me kung meron trusted, yung di fake na seller dyan sa pinas, medyo may kamahalan kasi dito sa u.s e..gusto ko mag resell cuz i know madam bibili nyan dami ko kakilala dito ako mismo and model ng product..hahahhaa..yung wholesale ang benta email me asap...thanks!

Anonymous,  12:05 PM  

i was drinking brazilian slimming coffee then naubos q 12 sachet hopefully na feel q nah pumayat talaga ako..then nong bibili ako ulit out of stock nah so i end up buying body beauty.. ininom q sya this morning lng.. sana effective din sya so looking forward sa positive effect nya sa body ko.. so nagresearch ako at nakita q blog moh.. sound promising naman.. hehe.. so good luck for us.. xoxo

Lysa,  11:52 PM  

hello guys..this coffee is sooo sooo sooo effective, by far the best slimming coffee ever.I have been using this since i was in the philippines,and still using it kahit wala na ko sa philippines, a lot of my friends here got interested how i lost too much weight, and so start sharing them my secret.. Im here from US, and im selling authentic body beauty slimming coffee... so if u guys are interested u can send me a message on my email Its authentic with seal.

Lysa,  11:55 PM  

hello guys..this coffee is sooo sooo sooo effective, by far the best slimming coffee ever.I have been using this since i was in the philippines,and still using it kahit wala na ko sa philippines, a lot of my friends here got interested how i lost too much weight, and so start sharing them my secret.. Im here from US, and im selling authentic body beauty slimming coffee... so if u guys are interested u can send me a message on my email Its authentic with seal.

Anonymous,  9:32 AM  

ive try this body beauty, in 1 week, im 4 kg less, less cellulite and the best of this product. wala na akong fats sa likod , flat tummy and sexy legs coz it makes my legs thin too. yup medyo naduduwal ako and dizzy and im so thirsty all the time. from 75 to 63 in just a month.

Anonymous,  5:10 PM  

ms. Lysa been trying to get mine... i finished my 2nd box like almost a month ago and so far 5pounds na ang na gained back sa weight ko ;( ... do still have a couple that i can buy? just emailed you! please let me know..
i am located on the east coast- i don't mind if you'll charge extra for 2nd day shipping... thanks a bunch!

Anonymous,  3:11 PM  

It's my first day to drink this coffee.. It smells like mocha but it taste nothing :) I moderate my self to eat 1 cup of rice this lunch.. But I crave pa sa ulam namin so naka 2 cups of rice Ako.. And after I ate lunch I feel so mauhawin that's why I drink plenty of water.. Cold water, kasi pag Hindi cold parang Hindi nawawala pag ka uhaw ko.. I feel also dry ang lips ko palagi.. Naka 1 sachet Lang naman din Ako cause I read the instructions first.. Bought this body beauty sa friend ko worth 350 pesos.. Still looking forward for some improvement.. Sana in a week mag lose weight na din Ako.. Tummy at hits ko kasi ang prob ko.. I gave birth kasi last year June 2011.. Ang size na waist line ko nung d po nagbubuntis is 26, now my god 30 na ang size ko.. Kaya sana by using this coffee and reading all ur comments, I'm happy na mag positive comments lahat na na papayas kayo nito. I'll be back to post a comment in a week Kung what happened na sa akin.. Tc guys! -diimpx

Anonymous,  9:19 PM  

It is effective guys but remember sa mga user n katulad ko maximum of 3months lng siya s paggamit tapos stop na.As u notice while using this product. mabaho ang pawis . at lagi malakas magpawis at kung di iinom ng maraming tubig.maninilaw ang mata dahil magiging toxic s atay nyo yan.and dapat kakain tlg sa umaga, dahil pag hindi tinake nyo siya ng walang laman tiyan nyo eh. maghapon parang binibiyak ang ulo nyo.. I find it effective but remember the side effects po.. as kala nga ng asawa ko may halong drugs yan.

Anonymous,  12:24 PM  

Why is that so guys? I've been taking this coffee for 5 days, The first time i tried the coffee, it makes me mauhawin,pawisin.. the following day, Nothing.. i'm not like the first time i used it. as in.. no t pawisin.. not mauhawin.. havee you ever encountered it? i bought my coffee sa gateway cubao for 300 pesos . i really wanna lose my weight and trimmed down. but i felt nothing changes.. i played badminton evryday cause it says in the back of the box to excercise for best result. been doing badminton for 5days na din. cant feel any changes in my body.. but,as the comments of others they say they lose weight in just 5days.. any suggestions guys? please. i need it badly. thanks!

Anonymous,  11:07 AM  

how much per box ? wanna try also .. hirap na kasi magpapayat in natural way eh .. san ba yung ongpin ? malapit ba yun sa divisoria ? thanks ..

Anonymous,  8:48 PM  


For orders of body beauty slimming coffee.. you can reach me here


Nicely 12:52 PM  

Hi guys! It's good to be back! Natawa naman ako, may nagaganap nang bentahan sa blog post ko na ito. Speaking of bentahan, I found a better way to lose weight. Read more here =>

Anonymous,  3:39 PM  

pati po ba ung mga fats sa binti at braso mababawasan? paki answer lang po, salmat..

Nicely 3:45 PM  

Hi! Yes, pantay naman ang pagpayat. Pero hindi na ako umiinom nito ngayon. I found a more effective way to lose weight. Contact me at 09278581588 if you have further questions.

Anonymous,  6:51 PM  

hi...just curious ready about this body beauty slimming this has no side effects?

Anonymous,  2:23 AM  

nung una mdyo duda ako dito kc prng too good too be true n gnun kbilis mglose ng weight tska prng nkkatakot dn mga nbasa ko reviews about side effects nya. pro since desperada n ako pumayat tnry ko prn. tnake ko xa for one week. ok nmn wla mxdo side effects. no palpitations, no sweating, no shortness of breath no dizziness.. wala.. akala ko nga fake nabili ko e. ang nfeel ko lng is prng lagi dry mouth ko. may cravings prn nga ako e pro nwawala dn agd di tulad dati di ako mtahimik pg di ko nkkain gs2 ko. hehe! anyway, after a week ngtimbang ako and ngulat ako almost 5 lbs agd na-lose ko. expect ko around 2 lbs lng max kc same prn nmn physical activities ko and food ko almost same dn konting bawas lng ng kanin. so super itutuloy ko n to! yey! excytd n ko pumayat.

Anonymous,  3:07 PM  

hi guys! na try ko na ang body beauty slimming coffee for 3 days, gusto ko talagang pumayat. Iniinom ko ito during my breakfast at later prang ayaw ko nang kumain. Gusto kong malaman kung ilang pounds ang nabawasan sakin pro sad to say wla aqong weighing scale to determine..heheh i'm hoping this coffee would satisfy me :)

Anonymous,  3:21 PM  

ilang days kadalasang malalaman ang results after uminom ng body beauty slimming coffee? uminom po ako 3 days na at sometimes nawalan akong gana kumain pro hindi rin ako palaging inuuhaw. i really wanted to be slimmer kc my waistline now is 32 and i'm still 20 yrs. of age ang bata2x ko pa pra mgka.ganito ng waistline how much more kung manganganak nako..OH MY! hahaha.. goal ko talaga ang magbawas ng 10-20 pounds for weeks. i'm really hoping this would satisfy me basi narin sa mga comments ng users na mostly positive. i'll just post my changes right after if ever this coffee would be reliable to me..stay healthy everyone!!! :D

Anonymous,  2:26 PM  

hi im in bacolod city saan ba ma kakabili ng Body Beauty Products gusto ko kc try ung slimming coffee ung authentic :) and how much?
thanks . .God bless!

Anonymous,  2:51 PM  

how much your slimming coffee body beauty product. I want to buy 10 bxs.

Pls. contact me angie 09173404998

Anonymous,  4:48 PM  

I have recommended this to all the people who have noticed my weight loss..I started drinking in Sept-2012 with a weight of 82 kilos and now I'm down to 68 and losing more...I'd maintain it at 65kilos...I've used a lot of slimming tea before but this one is the best, let alone, you won't be worried of where to find the nearest comfort room coz this one is not a laxative...

Anonymous,  9:24 PM  

mgtry ako n2 tom sna mging ok ntatakot ksi ko mgiinom ng mga sliming coffee

meowikay 11:32 AM  

start ko din try coffee today. nabili ko to today kasi nirecommend ng sales lady. im hoping na effective din sa akin :) natuwa ako sa feedback nyo girls

Anonymous,  1:56 PM  

san po pwedeng makabili near sa pasig? available po ba 2 sa mga mercury drug? Thanks po.

Anonymous,  8:40 PM  

hai helow pwedi po pa help san po ba ang adres ng company na e2 ng bady beauty mayrun po ba sa ortegas pless hemp me jocelyn of sta ana contac me 09289781207..thankz

Anonymous,  8:09 PM  

hello...ask ko lng po...okey lng ba if every other day ako inom ng body beauty slimming coffee??before kc ng try na me nung leisure dec to april..then pumayat tlga ako...and now lng ulit me medyo ngkakatiyan kya try ko sna ulit inom pero ito nmn like ko i try....di pa nmn ako ganun kataba gusto ko lng maalis ang medyo tabang tummy ko....ok lng kya yun na ito nmn ma try now?may nka try nba sa inyo na every other day lng ang inom...di kya masama iyon???

Anonymous,  7:40 AM  

Ate, uminom ako ng slimming coffee sa maga tapos kinagabihan uninom ako bg alak anu po ang effect nun?

nicole salvador 6:07 PM  

Let me tell you i bought few of them....and other slimming coffee...thats coffee has stimulant..they call it illegal drug that is not approved sa FDA.can cause liver problem and heart attack..symptoms dry mouth...uhaw..palpatation..check nyu sa FDA lagay nyu yung name sa brand they will tell how dangerous it it...thank you

nicole salvador 6:13 PM  

Its true that you really lose a massive weight but its too dangerous.that drug SIBUTRAMINE hindi na yan ginagamit sa US Since 2010.Illegal drug na kasi yan can cause death to many people..yung mg slimming coffee na yan leizure 18...body beaty slimming coffee and many more are listed sa FDA not to use it IMMEDIATELY! basta check for your safety..INGAT KAYU! i finish 2 box i lose 15 lbs pero my doctor told me to stop.

Anonymous,  4:21 AM  

hi good morning guys!!
a friend of mine was using this product and i saw the results and was amazed kasi she lost 5pounds in a span of 1 week..!grabe na curious tuloy ako so i immediately ordered to her a box of it..natatakot lang ako panu ba malalaman if authentic yung product na binili ko sa kanya..?and im taking dianne contraceptive pills now baka masama yun pagsabayin..?please answer guys..thanks..!!

Anonymous,  8:54 PM  

You can buy Body Beauty Slimming Coffee from Ali Mall 2/F at a kiosk near one of the escalators there. Name of the kiosk is Ann's Food Supplement, 18 sachets for P230. Dont forget to ask for Official Receipt. I used to be a regular customer buying Curvy Slimming Orange Juice (kahit na ang daming news na may ingredient ito na dangerous sa health and was pulled out from US and Europe) until last week I bought one na iba lasa, ang pait ng lasa nung Curvy. I informed the saleslady na baka fake and she told her boss and they are willing to replace it. pero wala pa sila stock ng curvy. I also informed them na baka fake kasi iba packaging nitong Curvy na nabili ko when i compared it to the previous box that I bought na buti di ko tinapon. I wanted Curvy talaga sana, kasi i lost like 2 lbs a week using that pero sabi nga sakin baka the supplier was providing them with fake products. So for now bibili ako ng Body Beauty Coffee nalang from the same stall/kiosk, iba naman daw ung supplier noon. I will see if it works.

Anonymous,  9:08 PM  

Does Body Beauty Slimming Coffee also have SIBUTRAMINE? Because Curvy and Leisure 18 also have these and it's dangerous to the heart. It's really so hard to determine which products are safe and not fake. Is there a government agency we can contact to help us determine if these stalls and sellers are legit and selling safe products before we can actually buy them for ourselves? For example, if you google Magic Potions ( they seem to be a legit business operating for 4 years already with Official Receipts and actual shops in Makati and St. Francis Square across megamall, but if you research the products they are selling, a lot of them are controversial and pulled out in other countries bec they are not safe (like Curvy, Leisure 18, Hokkaido pills, they also have Glutathione products that I don't know if they are fake or not). But the fact that this seems to be a legit business with O.R. makes consumers think that the products are safe but if you do your research, you will find out they are not. Can the government audit them?

Anonymous,  8:39 PM  

hi does anyone knows other flavor for body beauty?
mejo nkakasuka kc ung gold..meron akong ntry before body beauty rin pero parang coffee lng ung taste unlike sa gold..parang me halong cream/milk pero everytym n tntake ko un kelangan ko pa mgtimpla ng real coffe para lng di ako masuka sa lasa. im using this body beauty since oct 2012 & its very effective but im dont like the taste of "gold" talaga! help nmn bka may iba png flavor nito!

Anonymous,  3:04 PM  

hi..tanong ko lang po kung nakakapag patae po ba to?

Mai Paradiang 6:04 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous,  6:44 PM  

binigyan ako ng tita ko ng Body Beauty ,67 kg ako, in 1 week naging 58 nlng ..pag gsing ko sa umaga inum agad ako BBSC then after15 mins .. kakaen na ako pero onte lng nakakaen ko ,kc parang nkkwlang ganang kumaen,then nakakuhaw kaya nkaka 8 glasses of wter ako in 1 day, (kaya,for me ok siya)then khet wla akong gwen, feeling ko nbbwasan tlga timbang ko haha, ang lazy eh nuh.. pero kung ssbyan niu ng exrcise bka mag loose kau ng 15 kg in 2 weeks or less .. kaso nung nag stop ako sa pag inum..kya boom tumaba ulet hehe just saying .. kaya mas mganda tlga kung tuloy tuloy ang pag inom ng bbsc ..

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Anonymous,  1:27 PM  

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Anonymous,  6:29 PM  

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Anonymous,  6:31 PM  

Nd po pwede. Kc d ka tlga makakatulog po

Anonymous,  6:33 PM  

You will palpitation. Bwal ang alchohol kpag nagte take ng any slimming tools.

Mai Paradiang 6:39 PM  

Hi po i sell authentic po you email me po. We provide shipping this product.

Mai Paradiang 6:56 PM  

Mam i sell po. Direct po from suplier
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Mai Paradiang 6:59 PM  

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Anonymous,  12:57 PM  

bkit yung nbili ko sa mall chinesedrugstore 180pesos lng..orig kya yun?

Anonymous,  11:17 PM  

Hello poh, nakainom na ako ng 1box nito and it's so effective. I only put it on a very small amount of hot water para malasahan ko ung kape.. ano po ba talaga ang dapat? dapat ba talaga ramihan ng tubig? EFFECTIVE talga xa, but gusto ko lang malaman ano ang proper na gawin :) thanks poh

Mai Paradiang 4:02 PM  

Important rule to drink this :
Must adviceable to drink in the morning.
1st. Before you drink this product you shuold drink first only one glass of water.because it will cleanse the food restore at you stomach because of long night rest.
2nd wait for atleast 5min before drinking BODY BEAUTY SLIMMING COFFEE. To avoid dizzyness and vomiting. Then when drinking do NOT let you face in front of electric fan or aircon or any cold area. Let your heat reduce.
3rd. After 5-10min you will feel "C.R mode" let your self go to take bowel. :) stay there atleast 15min pra pawisan k ng sobra.

Mai Paradiang 4:09 PM  

Then after 20min you can eat na. Pls. This is not magic potion that make you easily sexy. Don't count in this your faith. You should have exercise or walking is great tool. Sorry for some of my english are wrong.. Hopefully it can help you. Tnx :) you can visit me at and you can txt me.

Anonymous,  10:24 PM  

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Mai Paradiang 6:09 PM  

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Mai Paradiang 6:10 PM  

Yes mam original nga po yan. :)

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jenory,  12:19 AM  

This coffee helped me a lot in reducing my appetite. With proper diet and exercise, loosing weight is much much faster. For just a matter of 2 months(taken with daily work-outs),recently, I lost 7 kg already. And im very very happy with it. But I have a question regarding the product, does taking this coffee everyday causes any adverse effect to the body? If yes what are those? Coz every after I drink the coffee my liver aches everytime and im just wondering if it was because of the coffee. Thanks

jvl,  8:06 AM  

Pwede ba ito sa lalaki?

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Anonymous,  4:56 PM  


I'm so happy about what i read, hoping that it will have an effect same as most blogs like it will loose my weight immediately or in a matter of week/s I want to buy an authentic Body Beauty Slimming Coffee..Within Sta. Rosa Laguna po sna if meron..Hers my # 09463084897

Anonymous,  5:00 PM  

Just want to know if how to determine authentic from fake?

Thank you and Godbless to all

Anonymous,  1:08 PM  

Hi im a guy, im taking it now (7-17-2013) I bought it somewhere online, nung saturday ako nagstart nung sa first and second day grabeh yung sweating ko, but now its been 5 days na and I really dont understand whats going on with me, parang wala na talaga akong maintindihan, na lose weight nga but parang nababaliw ako. hindi ko na alam nangyayari sa paligid ko...

Anonymous,  11:36 AM  

Hi I have been taking this coffee since 2 weeks ago, but I don't see any good result.. my weight is still the same... I do hula hoop 30mins 4times a week.. and I started to eat less since the day I started to drink this coffee... I don't know why my weight is still the same!

Anastasia,  2:33 PM  

hi guys! I have used this product a month ago and I am very pleased with the result. You see, I can't control my EATING HABITS and I EAT 6 or more times a day plus I am eating fatty foods, I don't exercise much. In just one week, I've lost a BIG as IN BIG WEIGHT . I don't need to calculate it because the EFFECTS ARE SO VISIBLE. anyway my friends saw the changes too, and my skin? well, it looks like I've been on a derma for months LOL XD BTW I'm only 17 second year college at one of the universities in Recto, and my reason behind using it is that, I want my high school friends to see a change. So yeah, this coffee did not fail me. XD HAHAHA!

I recommended it to my college friends and they did patronize this after 8 days of using this LOL [:

Anonymous,  7:37 PM  

Girls.. Instead of using this product. Wag na kau kumain ng rice sa gabi.pag tanghali konti lang rice more veggies and lean meat. make ur dinner early. Drink green tea. And at least workout three times a week kahit 30- 45 mins lang. Either run or power walk. Im a mom of four. And i lost a lotta weight... Disiplina lang sa sarili. Basahin nyo din yung paleo diet. You You can still eat rhe foods you want but you gotta cut on carbs. Works wonders for me. :) hope this helps.

Anonymous,  12:39 PM pls go to this site.. beware of what you are taking in.. stay safe

Anonymous,  12:40 PM  

May store kb? San dto? Bk pede mkpunta kc dmi nga s quiapo at binondo dko nmn sure kung tlagang authenticate yun...eto nga pla no. Ko 09055893026 pls txt me

Elle Lawliet 3:34 PM  

Pa-help naman po. Already my third day of taking this. Parang hindi naman na-lessen appetite ko. Hindi din ako pinapawisan ng sobra, sakto lang. Hindi din ganun ka-dry yung mouth and throat ko, actually throat lang tapos slight lang siya. Hindi ganun nakakauhaw. Fake kaya nabili ko oh mild lang talaga yung body beauty? Please let me know po kung anong idea niyo or kung na-experience niyo din ito. Thanks!

Anonymous,  9:30 AM  

ok lng ba uminom nito kpag gumgamit ng pills?

Anonymous,  10:52 PM  

im from pangasinan,is there anyone from here na nagbebenta ng body beauty?just need it badly.txt me 09122260384

Anonymous,  3:24 PM  

hi. sa mga nagttxt sa 09178293644 po.Tumaas na po lahat ng slimming products. Sa Body Beauty. Yung P120/box na nakalagay dyan, wholesale price po iyan at hindi retail price. P190/box ang retail price po sa mga supplier. Ito po po yung suggestive retail price ng mga slimming product para aware kayo sa mga over pricing.
Slimming Coffee/juices/tea:
-Body Beauty:
-7days Brazilian (black/strong fragrance)
-Leisure 18(coofee/mango/orange/choco)
WHOLESALE- P130-P150 only

Slimming Capsules:
-Pearl White (blue & Pink box)
RETAIL: P230-290
WHOLESALE: P190-P200 only
-Natural Plants SUPER SLIM
RETAIL: P300-P500 only
WHOLESALE: P280- P300 only

kapag sa supplier ka mismo kukuha, may minimum of order sila. sa RETAIL: 3-5boxes/order
WHOLESALE: 10-12boxes/order
pero mas mura sa kanila kase dealer man sila ng mga reseller.
for more info: 09155059803
RE- Seller's Are Welcome. thanks.

Anonymous,  12:11 AM  

just add honey and it'll taste really good!

Anonymous,  11:26 PM  

hi kakabili ko lang ng body beauty kanina sana po effective.. :) super eksayted nako pumayat sana makatulong talaga eto.. :)

Anonymous,  10:57 PM  

Hi! How would you know if the body beauty coffe
is authentic or fake? Thanks.

Anonymous,  11:53 PM  

You sell authenti body beauty anti cellulite? How much it cost and where is your lo ation?

Anonymous,  8:07 AM  

if you skip coffee one morning will it affect the weight??

Anonymous,  5:53 PM  

magkano po ang 1 box? at anong kulay ng box ung effective? interesado po kz aqng magtake nyan. tnx po and God bless!

Anonymous,  11:08 PM  

Im using body beauty now pang 4days ko na pero walang changes, magana pa rin aq kumain at antulin pa, pero mejo nagpapawis aq at nauuhaw, hindi akonag da diet tignan ko kasi kung talagang mawawalan ka ng ganang kumain pero hindi naman sakin,m? Sana umefect na pag naubos ko na 18 sachet,

Anonymous,  8:05 PM  

2weeks na ak0ng umiin0m pero wala rin effect, dahil kea hinahaluan q ng milk and sugar?. Dq kc matake ung lasa eh..or bka naman fake nabili ko?

Anonymous,  3:34 PM  

Where can I buy authentic coffee for a good price with shipping to us?

Anonymous,  4:30 PM  

It easy to see if its authentic or not. Sa logo nung box. Kapag nakita nyong hindi pumapantay sa kulay yung pangalan, FAKE yun. Kase ang original. Mala orange ang box at hindi brownish. Sa mismong coffee nman, dpat lamang yung pagka gray na kulay. Pag ininom nyo. Wag nyo haluan ng SUGAR!!! Kase lalo kayong magke CRAVE, ok. Sa tea cup nyo itimpla para much effective at madaling maubos. Supplier po kame, derekta sa manufacturer. We assure that the product we sell is 100% AUTHENTIC. ANG SEAL NYA DPAT, OVAL SHAPE NA GREEN AND SMALL SQUARE SHAPE SILVER. FOR OTHER INQUIRIES.
09155059803 look for mai po.
Thankd :)

Anonymous,  4:31 PM  

It easy to see if its authentic or not. Sa logo nung box. Kapag nakita nyong hindi pumapantay sa kulay yung pangalan, FAKE yun. Kase ang original. Mala orange ang box at hindi brownish. Sa mismong coffee nman, dpat lamang yung pagka gray na kulay. Pag ininom nyo. Wag nyo haluan ng SUGAR!!! Kase lalo kayong magke CRAVE, ok. Sa tea cup nyo itimpla para much effective at madaling maubos. Supplier po kame, derekta sa manufacturer. We assure that the product we sell is 100% AUTHENTIC. ANG SEAL NYA DPAT, OVAL SHAPE NA GREEN AND SMALL SQUARE SHAPE SILVER. FOR OTHER INQUIRIES.
09155059803 look for mai po.
Thankd :)

Anonymous,  4:18 AM  

Masakit sa ulo.if. Sa iba ala side effect ,lucky nyo.i like it pero sumasakit ulo ko lagi pag nainom nito

Anonymous,  10:31 AM  

Public Notification: Body Beauty 5 Days Slimming Coffee Contains Hidden Drug Ingredient
[11-21-2013] The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers not to purchase or use Body Beauty 5 Days Slimming Coffee, a product promoted and sold for weight loss on various websites and possibly in some retail stores.

FDA laboratory analysis confirmed that Body Beauty 5 Days Slimming Coffee contains sibutramine. Sibutramine is a controlled substance that was removed from the market in October 2010 for safety reasons. The product poses a threat to consumers because sibutramine is known to substantially increase blood pressure and/or pulse rate in some patients and may present a significant risk for patients with a history of coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias, or stroke. This product may also interact, in life threatening ways, with other medications a consumer may be taking.

Consumers should stop using this product immediately and throw it away. Consumers who have experienced any negative side effects should consult a health care professional as soon as possible.

Prescription Diet Pills 10:41 AM  

Hi, is this slimming coffee really is legit?

Anonymous,  12:32 PM  

hello!pwedi po mag tanung if totoo raw po na kpag may hormonal imbalance ka ma tetreat xa nito slimming coffee

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